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I'm building a responsive website at the moment and the main site navigation contains 10 links. I've seen a few sites that compress their navigation into a simple drop down select menu when the screen size gets below 480px, but I can't find any tutorials out there that explain how to do this - apart from the CSS Tricks one here:


I've tried this tutorial but not had any success with it as I implemented the code and yes I get a lovely menu on the iPhone, but the links don't work and clicking on it makes the page zoom in which is not desirable as this doesn't happen when I don't have the menu in place.

I'm looking for something simple like used on these websites:




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I managed to find this snippet of code on http://www.w3schools.com here:


Implemented it and it works just fine - just had to add action="" to the form tag to get the page to validate.

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