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I'm looking for a jquery ui menu/submenu where I can easily add and bind "item" to any js function without having to have a html markup in advance (sth like jjmenu). I've for example looked at superfish but I do not see how to easily bind items to functions.

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Read below if you really like superfish.

Did you try removing superfish from existing menu, adjusting your menu item, then reattaching superfish to it? It doesn't look like superfish has a "destroy" method, but you can user jQuery.clone(false) (on the menu box), insert the clone right next to existing menu, remove existing menu, attach superfish on new menu. Something like:

// given this:
var menu = $("ul.menu");

var newMenu = menu.clone(false); // false to not copy data/events (superfish)
newMenu.hide(); // just to minimize potential flicker
newMenu.superfish(); // new menu still not visible; if superfish shows it, then do:

menu.remove(); // this removes html and any events/data associated with it.
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