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I implemented an http server using javascript and Node.js.

for some reason when the user fills in a form, let's say his full name, on the server side i get what the user filled in but.. i get "+" between all the words instead of " ".

this is the client side:

<form id="register" action="/register" method="post">
<input type="text" id="reg_usname" class="input" name="username" required autofocus/>
<form /> 

this is the server side:

var username=request.parameters['username'];//request is an http request that is         returned

I have no idea why it is that way.

I can just simply replace all the "+" to " " but it seems that there is a smarter way to fix the problem.

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Have you considering utilizing Express.JS or at least the lower-level connect framework to handle the http parsing? You can be a opinionated as you like on top of connect layet. – Matt Freeman Feb 3 '12 at 15:46
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The data you are passing back to the server is being URL Encoded.

Here's a the RFC spec from the people who wrote it that explains how & why.

The JavaScript functions you can use to encode/decode can be found on this Mozilla Developer Network page.

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