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I'm trying to create a cutom made clickablle field using AS3 but I have problem registering an OnClickListener.

What I do is create a subclass of MovieClip, draw a RoundRect on it and add a textfield as a child. Now when I click on that "thing", events are caught by the textField and I can't find a way to forward it to my MovieClip.

private function addListChild(i:Number, l:Number, c:Content):void {
    var x:Number = 100;
    var y:Number = 100; 
    var width:Number = 200:
    var height:Number = 20;         

    var menuitemMV:ContentMV = new ContentMV(c);

    //set background   , 1.0);, y5, width5, height5, 8,8);;

    //Create text label 
    var listText:TextField = new TextField();
    listText.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.CENTER;
    listText.selectable = false;
    var format:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
    format.color = MyGestureManager.lightGrey;
    format.size = iconHeight * 0.4
    listText.defaultTextFormat = format;
    listText.x = x+5;
    listText.y = y;


    menuitemMV.addEventListener(TuioTouchEvent.TOUCH_DOWN, handleDown); 
    listText.addEventListener(TuioTouchEvent.TOUCH_DOWN, handleDown); 

How can I now forward the ClickEvent registered by the textfield forward to my button to work with it...? Any idea, or is it even clear what I mean?

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It isn't really clear.. Please try to rephrase your question. –  ThomasM Feb 3 '12 at 16:41

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just try

menuitemMV.mouseChildren = false;

on the "thing". every click on a submc should trigger the click-eventlistener of the parent now.

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