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Scala's MapLike trait has a method

mapValues [C] (f: (B) ⇒ C): Map[A, C] 

But I sometimes want a different type:

mapKeysAndValues [C] (f: (A, B) ⇒ C): Map[A, C] 

Is there a simple way to do this which I am missing? Of course, this can be done with a fold.

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map method iterates though all (key, value) pairs. You can use it like this:

val m = Map("a" -> 1, "b" -> 2)

val incM = m map {case (key, value) => (key, value + 1)}
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If you already have a function f : (A,B) => (A,C), then you can simply m.map(f.tupled). Works with val f = (x: String, y: Int) => (x, y+1) but strangely the repl complains if I define f equivalently with def. –  Dan Burton Feb 3 '12 at 16:11
And I even tried using map, just got the type wrong. –  Alexey Romanov Feb 3 '12 at 18:12

What about this code:

val m = Map(1 -> "one", 2 -> "two")
def f(k: Int, v: String) = k + "-" + v
m map {case (k, v) => (k, f(k, v))}

Which produces:

 Map(1 -> 1-one, 2 -> 2-two)

This can be packaged into utility method:

def mapKeysAndValues[A,B,C](input: Map[A,B], fun: (A, B) => C) = 
  input map {case(k,v) => (k, fun(k, v))}


  Map(1 -> "one", 2 -> "two"), 
  (k: Int, v: String) => k + "-" + v
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With some Scalaz:

scala> def fst[A, B] = (x: (A, B)) => x._1
fst: [A, B]=> (A, B) => A

scala> Map(1 -> "Lorem", 2 -> "Ipsum").map(fst &&& Function.tupled(_.toString + _))
res1: scala.collection.immutable.Map[Int,java.lang.String] = Map(1 -> 1Lorem, 2 -> 2Ipsum)

I like @tenshi's solution better.

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m map (t => (t._1, t._2 + 1))

m map (t => t._1 -> t._2 + 1)

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You could create a utility class:

class MyMapLike[K,V](m:MapLike[K,V,_]){
 def mapKeysAndValues[R](f: (K, V) => R)={
   m.map{case (k,v)=> f(k,v)}
object MyMapLike{
 implicit def maplike2mymaplike[K,V](ml:MapLike[K,V,_]):MyMapLike[K,V]=new MyMapLike(m)


import MyMapLike._
Map(1 -> "one", 2 -> "two").mapKeysAndValues(k,v=>v*k)

Code not tested but it should work somehow simmilar like that.

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