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I used to be able to build and run my console applications by hitting Ctrl + F5 in visual studio. This no longer works. I looked everywhere. Does anyone know how to re-enable this command?

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Did this solve your problem? –  ralphtheninja May 27 '09 at 23:17
I'm having this issue, my F-Lock is set correctly, I've reset my settings, I can see in the Debug menu that CTRL+F5 is assigned. F5 works. Other key combinations using CTRL work. But CTRL+F5, as of the last hour, just does not work. I just don't get it. :-| –  BrainSlugs83 Mar 20 '14 at 23:48
If you don't have an f-lock, and resetting your keybindings doesn't fix it, and you happen to be pretty new to Visual Studio and programming in C++, perhaps you are accustomed to creating a "Win32 Console Application" when creating your projects, and instead selected something else, such as "Empty Project" when you created this one. –  Spagpants Jan 1 at 20:07

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Might be a ridiculous suggestion but does your keyboard have some kind of "F Lock" key? Happened to me after I got a new keyboard and accidentally hit it. Didn't even know it was there :)

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This has happened to me as well a number of times. I wish I could get rid of that damn F lock key.... –  Curtis May 27 '09 at 15:54
Use something sharp and remove it. You just inspired me to do it myself! :) –  ralphtheninja May 27 '09 at 16:28
Thanks for the answer :=) –  Saul Goodman Apr 14 '11 at 11:51
Second time this occurs to me and takes days to figure out, thanks! –  Trillian Jul 1 '11 at 14:24
Man, you just saved me hours of frustration. All kinds of things hit my mind - virus, corruption etc. Hit the damn F lock key, and I am back in business. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. –  Joe Feb 2 '12 at 19:46

I have had a similar problem where some of my shortcuts (such as the Alt+Shift+F10 intellisense shortcut) stopped working...

I fixed it by going to Tools -> Import and Export Settings -> Reset all settings.

I was able to reimport my saved settings after I had reset them also but only with out the broken short cuts!

Hope this helps!

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Before you trash all your settings, consider just resetting the Keyboard preferences:

In Tools / Options / Environment / Keyboard there's a drop-down for your Keyboard scheme and next to it a Reset button. Make sure the mapping scheme is set to whatever you want then hit the Reset button.

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I wish I had seen this answer before trying the reset all settings answer. –  Parth Shah Jun 9 at 3:11

I had a similar question, and reading this thread led me to an answer which is similar to the f-Lock key answer. I'm using a new laptop, and re-introducing myself to programming. When the book said press Ctrl-F5 I did so and the only thing that happened was that my monitor got slightly dimmer, though it returned to normal brightness as soon as I clicked on a few other things. What I noticed after reading this thread is that this new-fangled keyboard has a blue Fn key, and all the function key names are printed in blue. In other words, to get the function key functionality you have to be holding down the blue Fn key when you tap the actual function key. So F5 becomes Fn-F5 and Ctrl-F5 becomes Ctrl-Fn-F5. This is on a Dell Inspiron 1564. This is not quite as egregious as a F-Lock key, so I hope I'll get used to it soon.

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One day it happens to me that i make some changes to the project and solution files in my ASP .NET project, and when i open it on visual studio, it allows me to rebuild but not to run nor debug ( The menu option didn't appear and the Ctrl + F5 didn't work).

What i do to make it work again was right click over the solution, into the visual studio "Solution Explorer" tree tab in the right, where all the files of your project appear, and select properties.

Then, select there a project, and put it as start project.

Perhaps this is your problem here. If not, i hope it can help someone in the future.


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Thank you very much! I had added a second (wpf) project to my ASP solution then lost the ability to ctrl-F5. –  Richard Harrison Mar 20 '14 at 15:21

Chances are you changed your default settings. Go to Tools->Import and Export Settings... Select 'Reset all', Click 'Next' and choose the 'Visual C# Development Settings' option.

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I fixed this by pressing Fn + F5, this is right next to the Windows Button.

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That sounds like you're not actually doing CTRL+F5, but just F5 (like F5 is a key you need to press Fn to get to) -- Try pressing CTRL+Fn+F5 to run without debugging (versus Fn+F5 which, for you, will run with debugging). –  BrainSlugs83 Mar 20 '14 at 23:53

It happend to me something similar, but only with one project, and the others running right with CTRL + F5, so i will post here my problem and solution because it could help people searching for the same problem, as i was :)

I was opening in Visual Studio 2012 a solution created with Visual Studio 2013, and it didn't run with CTRL + F5. I open the solution file with notepad, and i change the following section:

GlobalSection(SolutionConfigurationPlatforms) = preSolution
    Debug|Any CPU = Debug|Any CPU
    Release|Any CPU = Release|Any CPU

with this other:

GlobalSection(SolutionConfigurationPlatforms) = preSolution
    Debug_x86|Any CPU = Debug_x86|Any CPU
    Debug_x86|x86 = Debug_x86|x86
    Debug|Any CPU = Debug|Any CPU
    Debug|x86 = Debug|x86
    PruebaRelease|Any CPU = PruebaRelease|Any CPU
    PruebaRelease|x86 = PruebaRelease|x86
    Release|Any CPU = Release|Any CPU
    Release|x86 = Release|x86

That solves the problem for me.

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This keyboard shortcut is set by default in os x, you need to disable it to use ctrl+F5. Have a look at http://www.daniellewis.me.uk/2015/07/01/ctrl-f5-not-working-in-a-windows-vm-running-on-parallels/ to fix. I can run without debugging now in my VM.

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