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Newbie question, but I can't find some good fortran documentation anywhere.

I am studying a program and the writer uses a read statement to evaluate if the user wants to rerun the script.

The code is:

PRINT *,'Calculate again? .TRUE./T/t -> yes , .FALSE./F/f -> no'
READ *,answer

Then it uses the logical variable answer to select where does the program have to goto next.

What does the code above do?

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The dot instead of a correct comma in READ *.answer is probably just a typo? – Vladimir F Feb 3 '12 at 16:01
yes, typo. Fixed it. – ppp Feb 3 '12 at 18:24
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Probably it is supposed to be READ *, answer to read answer from the standard input unit.

The code outputs "Calculate again? .TRUE./T/t -> yes , .FALSE./F/f -> no" then reads into answer, which I suppose is declared as a logical variable.

See for documentation of Fortran 95.

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M.S.B is right, I just add what did not fit into a comment.

There are tons of good Fortran resources on the internet. You can use official standard, but better are usually documantation for compilers. This one is very good.

Also there are numerous courses and tutorials. Just google "Fortran beginner course", "Fortran tutorial" or similar.

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