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Here is my code. I run this code on change event.

for(var i:uint =0; i< model.medicalHistoryDTOListByPatient.length; i++)
                        if(formatDateTime.format(model.medicalHistoryDTOListByPatient[i].VisitDate) == formatDateTime.format(id_VisitDatesCombo.selectedItem.VisitDate) )
                  'Record already exsist against this Visit', 'Please select another date ');
                            id_HistoryView.enabled = false;
                            if(model.CHistoryAssociatedVisit != null)
                                model.CHistoryAssociatedVisit.VisitDate = id_VisitDatesCombo.selectedItem.VisitDate;
                                model.CHistoryAssociatedVisit.ID        = id_VisitDatesCombo.selectedItem.VisitId;


When if condition is matched and alert is popup then drop down still open and alert is shown.

How i close dropdownlist when i select one of item from Drop-down ?

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Use dropDownList.closeDropDown() to manually force the drop down list to close. This should also work for the Flex Spark ComboBox.

The MX ComboBox has a close method you can use.

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This solution not working . – Tahir Alvi Feb 8 '12 at 13:08
for the sack of quick fix I use calllater(methodname) and show the alert in that method. – Tahir Alvi Feb 8 '12 at 13:09
Something else must be going on with your code. Can you provide a full runnable sample? – JeffryHouser Feb 8 '12 at 13:18

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