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I have a widget with ViewFlipper that flips between X number of images. I aim for 10 images to be flipped, and I can do this if I load very small images. My widget is size 4x2 and I want to display images with good quality, but I can't achieve this. Everything loads fine, no exceptions, but the widget never displays them. If I load very small image sizes (100x100 px), it starts flipping them. If I load larger image size (300x300), it won't start flipping the images until I reduce the number of images (flips) to 4. This suggests a memory limitation to me, but I would expect an exception to be thrown somewhere after I do appWidgetManager.updateWidget(widgetId, remoteViewFlipper). Going through the logs, I don't see anything nearly related to this.

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I think it depends on concrete implementation of launcher - widget stuff is hosted and processsed there. You updtes are send as parcelables, so there soule be data size limit as well:


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Looks like you can setDataSize() on the parcelable, a bit unsafe, but it might do the trick. Thank you for the helpful info. –  Tomislav Markovski Feb 3 '12 at 17:37

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