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I want to retrieve the last element in an array from $max and reference it in the array $set_of_path. I want only the last value. The problem with this code is this $max value who prints value 0 to end of file, thus instead of output the last value .. every element is implemented.. Can someone help me please. thanks in advance.

for($ind=0;$ind <count($array_file[0]['pair']);$ind++) {
if((($city)===$initial or ($city[0]===$initial))){

                    $x =$array_file[0]['pair'][$ind]['city'];//display all cities
                    if ((end($x))===$final){ 

                        //push $array_file content into the array

                            $last_element = array();
                            $a[] = array_merge($xd);
                            $end = count(end($a));
                            $push = array_push($last_element,$end);

                            $max = max($last_element)-1;



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Use SizeOf for getting the count of the items in an array.




$i = 0;

//Process array in loop
//increment $i++; or $i = sizeof($array);

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i tried Sizeof but each time the loop is incremented, the value is updated and output 1 2 3 4... after the loop break.. so, size of is not efficient :/ –  known reg Feb 3 '12 at 16:20
Create a variable outside the loop and inside the loop just increment the number or just do sizeof through each iteration to update the variable outside the loop. –  Sandeep Bansal Feb 3 '12 at 16:21
thanks you very much i saw my mistake.. god bless you –  known reg Feb 4 '12 at 15:13

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