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I'm collecting a lot of data files in the form of .txt and plot over 600X20 (rowXcolumns) worth of data. Each .txt file is formated the same, and i'm plotting them to their separate excel file.

for my example these are the files:

test1.txt - data file im collecting (we will just use one, and ill figure out how to do multiple later)

templet.xlsx - This is the templet file that im dropping my txt data and it is producing premade plots

test1.xlsx - This is the new file i'm saving that has the plots made, basically (ren templet.xlsx test1.xlsx)

This is what I'm doing:

I'm collecting the data and saving the file as test1.txt. Next I'm going the directory it is located and right clicking the file and saying "open with \ excel". Next i'm copying all the data (Note: the dimensions of data selection will always be the same, fyi). After copying the data, I open up templet.xlsx and under sheet 2, i'm pasting the data. Now i'm clicking "save as" and saving the file as test1.xlsx. This will let me use templet.xlsx for future reference.

I'm desiring a batch file or separate excel vba program that can do these functions and can do this for multiple files at once.

I'm just learning ms dos commands, so if you could please explain the meanings of some of the harder commands.

My approach is this:

open test1.txt

copy contents of test1.txt

open templet.xlsx

paste test1.txt data to templet.xlsx\sheet 2

save templet.xlsx as test1.excel

repeat for test2.txt etc....

Any help Please? or could anyone help me with copying and pasting txt data to excel file sheets and i can figure out the harder stuff.


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Batch is a poor choice for this and not needed, you can add VBA to your template file to produce new workbooks to your hearts content, all the steps involved however are beyond the scope of a Q&A site. – Alex K. Feb 3 '12 at 15:57
I understand your stance. I guess now all i need to know is how to open a txt file into an excel file (properly delimited). when i "open with excel" for the test1.txt file, i dont have to delimit anything so this should be an easy operation that i dont know yet. Any help on this? – Jason Feb 3 '12 at 16:15
With excel the thing to do is to record a macro, it will then generate vba code you can play around with – Alex K. Feb 3 '12 at 16:16
Have you tried to import data "from text"? check this out. That will create new sheets, you just need to specify the template you'd like the sheets to be. It can also be adjusted to create new workbooks. – Raystafarian Feb 3 '12 at 16:35

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