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Firstly hello,

I'm having a problem while trying to load my public key into an array with PHP.

As I'm running on Windows, I created 1 pair of public/private keys with Puttygen, which I saved as 'public.key' and 'private.pem' (putty >> export OpenSSH key).

Then I tried to get started with :

$fileTxt = file_get_contents( 'file2encrypt.txt' ); // Contains 'hello world'

// Load the public key into an array
$publicKeys[] = openssl_get_publickey( file_get_contents('public.key') );

// Encrypt the $fileTxt and return the $encryptedText and the $encryptedKeys
$res = openssl_seal( $fileTxt , $encryptedText, $encryptedKeys, $publicKeys );

This returns the following :

Warning: openssl_seal() [function.openssl-seal]: not a public key (0th member of pubkeys) ...

A var_dump() on $publicKeys[] shows that it's empty, so openssl_get_publickey() returned nothing.

Does PHP needs a specific public key format that I can create with Putty ?

Thanks by advance for any help. J.

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OpenSSH != OpenSSL. Just because they differ in only one letter doesn't mean they produce almost compatible keys. They don't. –  JamesKPolk Feb 3 '12 at 23:51
Or at least the format of the keys is not the same, I think they can both use RSA keys. –  Maarten Bodewes Feb 4 '12 at 2:11

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