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I am creating a slide-able container for html content. The content slides by changing each html cell's transform property. Currently I am iterating over each cell with a loop to update the transform when input is generated.

When each cell reaches a boundary outside of the viewable space it is shifted to the opposite side in order to create the illusion of infinite content.

My problem is that the space in the "seam" (between the first and last cell in the row) is not always constant, it expands and contracts based on the speed of the scroll and I can only deduce this is because of how I iterate over my objects.

The first cell catches up with the last cell or the gap between the two widen when flicking forwards / backwards.

Is there any way to call a method on multiple objects simultaneously?

I create my cell objects kinda like so:

cell = function(target){
    this.self = target
function $cell_slide(delta){'translate3D('+delta+'px,0px,0)'
cell.prototype.slide = $cell_slide

var _cells = target.querySelector('.cell-wrap').querySelectorAll('.cell')
var ncells = _cells.length
var $cells = []
for(var i=ncells;i--;){ $cells[i] = new cell(_cells[i]) }

and then when the user scrolls / swipes etc to generate change in position data, I call the slide method like this:

for(var i=ncells;i--;){ $cells[i].slide(delta) }
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JavaScript is single threaded. So even if you could initiate a method call on all objects at the same time, each call has to be processed one after another. You cannot execute code simultaneously (you can with web workers but I don't think this will help much here). – Felix Kling Feb 3 '12 at 16:05
Can you provide a version on jsFiddle so we can see if it really is the object creation causing the difference? – beeglebug Feb 3 '12 at 16:12
for certain... unfortunately I only have touch events bound at the moment so you will likely need an iPad to see it in action – Paul Feb 3 '12 at 16:36

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