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Has anybody evaluated this codeplex project?

Are there any limits (or bugs or exceptions) when using queryBuilder.Query?

It would save much of my time instead of using other LINQ variants.

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I have not seen this project before, but it looks like it is just compiling the C# query into a dynamic assembly using CodeDOM. Here is a blog post on how it works:


If it is using dynamic compilation then it probably does not have many limitations. It will only be able to access items off the object you pass into the LinqTextQueryBuilder.SetSource() method, of course.

I am using something similar called Dynamic Linq in a project I work on, but it is more for parsing where clause expressions and the like rather than than entire queries. It works slightly different in that it parses a C#-like expression directly into an expression tree, rather than using CodeDOM and a dynamic assembly as an intermediary. Therefore, it is probably a bit faster, but more limited.


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Depending on scenario, the AsExpandable and PredicateBuilder parts of LINQKit are very useful as well in my experience.


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