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I write socket client-server connection. Server listens client name and if it's not avaible, server closes connection. With correct names all works. Client:

clientSocket = new Socket("", 15780);
outToServer = new DataOutputStream(clientSocket.getOutputStream());
currentInt = 0;

Then I check, whether it is possible to open connection.

private void updateUI()
        if(currentInt <= 100)
                Intent i = new Intent(this, RoomClass.class);

And it always is connected! But server-side closed cliet port. I heard that thus it is impossible to check up, whether connection is closed. How to make it?

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Socket.isConnected() will return 'false' only if the Server closes properly (calling the .close() method). If you don't have control over the server socket, then uses PrintWrite.checkError()

See this post for examples:

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