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The error is: "No p element in scope but a p end tag seen."

And according to w3c validator the error is caused by that part:

    <a href="">Anasayfa</a> » <a title="Emlak Bul" href="Emlak-Bul">Emlak Bul</a> » <a title="Mersin Emlak İlanları" href="ilan/siralama/Mersin-Emlak-İlanları">Mersin</a> » <a title="Mersin Satılık Emlak İlanları" href="ilan/siralama/Mersin-Satılık-Emlak-İlanları">Satılık</a> » <a title="Mersin Satılık Ev Konut" href="ilan/siralama/Mersin-Satılık-Ev-Konut">Ev Konut</a> » Yazlık
    <div id="kategori_degistir">
            Aramanızı Daraltın
            İlçe : <a title="Mersin Erdemli Satılık Yazlık" href="ilan/siralama/Mersin-Erdemli-Satılık-Yazlık">Erdemli</a>, <a title="Mersin Mezitli Satılık Yazlık" href="ilan/siralama/Mersin-Mezitli-Satılık-Yazlık">Mezitli</a>
            Özellik : <a title="Mersin Satılık Yazlık 1+1" href="ilan/siralama/Mersin-Satılık-Yazlık-1+1">1+1</a>, <a title="Mersin Satılık Yazlık 2+1" href="ilan/siralama/Mersin-Satılık-Yazlık-2+1">2+1</a>, <a title="Mersin Satılık Yazlık 3+1" href="ilan/siralama/Mersin-Satılık-Yazlık-3+1">3+1</a>, <a title="Mersin Satılık Yazlık 4+1" href="ilan/siralama/Mersin-Satılık-Yazlık-4+1">4+1</a>, <a title="Mersin Satılık Yazlık 4+2" href="ilan/siralama/Mersin-Satılık-Yazlık-4+2">4+2</a>

You can check that error from that link

Am i missing something here ? or is this a bug ?

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A paragraph cannot contain a div, but the end tag for the paragraph element is optional.

<p><div> means the same as <p></p><div>

Consequently, when you have your actual </p>, the paragraph is already closed.

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thanks for the explaining "why" – motto Feb 3 '12 at 16:41

You are using a p tag to contain div and other p.

The p tag was intended to contain text and other inline elements, NEVER block-level elements. This is why the validator is telling you off.

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The p tag can contain only "inline" elements and isn't supposed to contain a div "block" level element.

Another tiny note is that you're not supposed to have empty anchor tags (<a href="">). People usually add an empty hash in there <a href="#">

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Paragraph elements are block, they just have a content model that only allows them to contain inline elements. – Quentin Feb 3 '12 at 16:30
The URI '' resolves to the current URI. It is about as sane as # which resolves to the top of the current page. – Quentin Feb 3 '12 at 16:30

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