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Do I need to register a type before it is resolved?


builder.Register(c => new Car(c.Resolve<IDriver>())).As<IVehicle>();

Or can I omit the register type line. Will the resolve register it for me?


Should I use RegisterType or Register

builder.Register(c => new Driver()).As<IDriver>();

builder.Register(c => new Car(c.Resolve<IDriver>())).As<IVehicle>();
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No, you need to register components before you can resolve dependencies on them.

In some specific situations, Autofac's AnyConcreteTypeNotAlreadyRegisteredSource may automate the process.

More often, ContainerBuilder.RegisterAssemblyTypes() is used to batch up registrations and cut down on repetition.

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Thanks. Should I use register or register type . See updated question –  ministrymason Feb 3 '12 at 17:02
You're welcome. Either is fine. On SO it is better to ask a new question if you need more information- makes it easier for others to find info later on. And don't forget to mark the question as answered :) –  Nicholas Blumhardt Feb 3 '12 at 17:12

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