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I'm trying to create an entity framework designer extension and following the example from Entity Framework 4 in Action. The book provides an example that is very similar to this one. Note the "Note" under step 6 where he says to set the Build Action to VsixContent. Well I don't have VsixContent as an option. Anybody have any thoughts as to why this may be?


Edit: It's worth noting that the vsix file isn't being generated. Edit: I reinstalled VS2010 SP1 SDK and rebooted. I now see the option. However, the vsix file still isn't being generated.

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I'm starting to wonder if that documentation is just too far outdated. I created a Vsix Project and now the vsix file is being generated. –  devlife Feb 3 '12 at 20:11

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The most up-to-date information I've found on creating extensions for the entity framework designer is this blog post: Entity Framework Starter Kit alternative. Hope that helps.

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