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I need to create a code to change an example text to a user-defined value when the user types in an input field (Similar to the preview field when writing a question on Stack Overflow).

This needs to be achieved without the use of HTML5 or Flash as the users will be running IE8, not all will have Flash plug-ins installed.

As such I have started by looking at DHTML to achieve the desired effect. Currently I can change the example text when a user types in the input field but only to a pre-defined value ("Example" in the code below), how should I edit this code to display the user-defined value?


    function changetext(id)


Content:<input type="text" id="input" onkeyup="changetext(preview)" />  

<p id="preview">No content found</p> 
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You need to have something like this in the function:

function changetext(id){
   var info = document.getElementById('input').value();
   id.innerHTML = info;

This js is not fully correct. I would highly recommend you start using a javascript library like jQuery. It makes this a menial task.


jQuery will work in IE8 just fine. in jQuery you will not need to attach js to your input. The code would look like this.


It is a lot cleaner and doesnt have js in the html.

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