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I have a long module name and I want to avoid having to type it all over many times in my document. I can simply do import long_ass_module_name as lamn and call it that way. However, this module has many submodules that I wish to import and use as well.

In this case I won't be able to write import lamn.sub_module_1 because python import does not recognize this alias I made for my long_ass_module_name. How can I achieve this?

Should I simply automatically import all submodules in my main module's

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An aliased object still changes when you import submodules,

import my_long_module_name as mlmn
import my_long_module_name.submodule


The import statement always takes the full name of the module. The module is just an object, and importing a submodule will add an attribute to that object.

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