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How do I convert Java class names into file paths using Ant tasks?

For example, given a property containing foo.bar.Duck I'd like to get out foo/bar/Duck.class.

I tried (and failed) to implement this in terms of <pathconvert> and <regexpmapper>.

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Here's another way, using Ant resources and an unpackagemapper, which is designed for this purpose. The opposite package mapper is also available.

<property name="class.name" value="foo.bar.Duck"/>

<resources id="file.name">
    <string value="${class.name}" />
    <unpackagemapper from="*" to="*.class" />

You use the resource value by means of the property helper syntax ${toString:...}, e.g.:

<echo message="File: ${toString:file.name}" />


[echo] File: foo/bar/Duck.class
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This solution will work only and if only the resource can be found elsewhere. Else, use @matt's solution. –  datakey Dec 9 '14 at 14:23

Here's a possible way to do this:

<property name="class.name" value="foo.bar.Duck"/>

<loadresource property="file.name">
  <string value="${class.name}" />
    <replaceregex pattern="\." replace="/" flags="g" />
    <replaceregex pattern="$" replace=".class" />

This puts the desired foo/bar/Duck.class into the file.name property.

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