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I have this class with an unbound method and a static class inside:

class ClassA():
    class Foo():

    def getFoo():
        return ???.Foo

Now, if I inherit a ClassB from ClassA how do I get ClassB.getFoo() to return ClassB.Foo without explicitly implementing ClassB.getFoo()? Returning super().Foo doesn't work, writing ClassA.Foo doesn't work either obviously.

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Your getFoo should be a classmethod:

class ClassA():
    class Foo():

    def getFoo(cls):
        return cls.Foo

Class methods are passed their class as their first argument, similar to how instance methods are passed the instance as the first argument. When you subclass ClassA, the proper class is passed.

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That's it. Thanks. –  Chris Feb 3 '12 at 18:43

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