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I am converting a command line to a python string. The command line is:

../src/clus -INFILE=../input/tua40.sq -OUTPUT=OUT

The python statement is:

c_dir = '~/prj/clus/'
c_bin = c_dir + 'src/clus'
c_data = c_dir + 'input/tua40.sq'

c = LiveProcess()
c.executable = c_bin
c.cwd = c_dir 
c.cmd = [c.executable] + ['-INFILE=', 'c_data, '-OUTPUT=OUT'] 

Problem is the c.cmd at the end looks like

~/prj/clus/src/clus -INFILE= ~/prj/clus/input/tua40.sq ...

Not that there is a 'space' after '=' which causes the program to report an error.

How can I concatenate '=' to the path?

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LiveProcess is expecting an argv-style list of arguments. Where you want to make one argument, you need to provide one string. So use concatenation to make the string:

c.cmd = [c.executable] + ['-INFILE='+c_data, '-OUTPUT=OUT'] 

Also, no need for the list addition:

c.cmd = [c.executable, '-INFILE='+c_data, '-OUTPUT=OUT'] 
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Why don't you just concatenate string like this:

a = 'A'+'B'


a == 'AB'

that is in your example

['-INFILE=' + c_data, '-OUTPUT=OUT'] 
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Given that it looks like you're concatenating paths, you should be using os.path.join, not regular string concat.

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Try this:

c.cmd = [c.executable] + ['-INFILE='+c_data, '-OUTPUT=OUT']
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You've over-concatenated there. "-OUTPUT" needs to start a new element. – Ned Batchelder Feb 3 '12 at 17:50
Thanks for catching that, edited to fix. – Peter Feb 3 '12 at 17:53

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