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In JBoss AS 7 integration testsuite, we use JaCoCo for code coverage. I have the execution data already. Now when generating the report, I get "Can't add different class with same name: ..." So I have to exclude some jars.

<exclude name="org/jboss/osgi/framework/main/jbosgi-resolver-metadata-1.0.10.jar"/>

The problem is that only one class is duplicated (org/jboss/osgi/metadata/internal/AbstractPackageAttribute). I only want that particular class excluded, not whole jar.

I've tried:

 <exclude name="org/jboss/osgi/framework/main/**/AbstractPackageAttribute*"/>

But that doesn't work. Is there some special syntax, like .../foo.jar!**/ClassName.class?

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Have you tried <exclude name="org/jboss/osgi/metadata/internal/AbstractPackageAttribute" /> ? or <exclude>org/jboss/osgi/metadata/internal/AbstractPackageAttribute</exclude> – Shaun Wilde Feb 5 '12 at 4:20
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Use the zipfileset tag:

    <fileset dir="foo.jar">
      <exclude name="org/jboss/osgi/framework/main/**/AbstractPackageAttribute*.*"/>
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