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I know I can improvise this little bit (eliminate explicit throw) by using Preconditions class from Guava or by extracting method isValidDayOfWeek(). But that is not what I am looking for. Is there a way to simplify this logic without using the switch statement? This check is making sure that startDayOfWeek is one of the 7 values of the week.

public static TimeSlice getPreviousWeek(Date referenceDate, int startDayOfWeek)
  if (!((startDayOfWeek == Calendar.SUNDAY) || (startDayOfWeek == Calendar.MONDAY) || (startDayOfWeek == Calendar.TUESDAY)
                || (startDayOfWeek == Calendar.WEDNESDAY) || (startDayOfWeek == Calendar.THURSDAY)
                || (startDayOfWeek == Calendar.FRIDAY) || (startDayOfWeek == Calendar.SATURDAY)))
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("getPreviousWeek(): invalid startDayOfWeek:" + startDayOfWeek);
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What you want is something like startDayOfWeek IS IN {Calendar.SUNDAY ... Calendar.SATURDAY}. Unfortunately, Java doesn't implement primitive sets. – Hot Licks Feb 3 '12 at 18:01
You can, of course, note that the days of the week are documented in the Calendar writeup as having values 1..7 and just check bounds of >= SUNDAY and <= SATURDAY, but that's getting a hair too dependent on implementation. – Hot Licks Feb 3 '12 at 18:07
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The values of those days of the week are guaranteed and documented, with SUNDAY==1 and SATURDAY==7 so you just want:

if (startDayOfWeek < Calendar.SUNDAY || startDayOfWeek > Calendar.SATURDAY)
    throw ...;

If you wanted to make it crystal clear, you could always use:

private static final Set<Integer> VALID_DAYS = ImmutableSet.of(
    Calendar.SUNDAY, Calendar.MONDAY, Calendar.TUESDAY,
    Calendar.WEDNESDAY, Calendar.THURSDAY, Calendar.FRIDAY,

public static TimeSlice getPreviousWeek(Date referenceDate, int startDayOfWeek)
    if (!VALID_DAYS.contains(startDayOfWeek))
        throw ...

(That's using Guava's ImmutableSet, but you could use something else if you want.)

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+1 Simple not sure why I didn't think abt this ;-) – Pangea Feb 3 '12 at 18:02
I thought of VALID_DAYS option but didn't want to go that route. unnecessary dependency on guava for simple thing – Pangea Feb 3 '12 at 18:08
@Pangea: You could just HashSet if you wanted - but personally I'd immediately add a Guava dependency as a "no-brainer, it's not worth developing in Java without Guava" decision :) I'd also start using Joda Time for all your date/time stuff instead of java.util.Calendar... – Jon Skeet Feb 3 '12 at 18:09
I have the guava dependency on the application as a whole (from 2 years i guess) but doesn't want it on this component. – Pangea Feb 3 '12 at 18:11

You can do this:

if ((startDayOfWeek < Calendar.SUNDAY) || (startDayOfWeek > Calendar.SATURDAY))
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