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This url throws a missing ) after argument error. It is being dynamically generated by PHP. I cannot figure out the correct sequence/placement of single and double quotes to render it.

<a href="cards.html" onmouseover="jQuery('.menu-image li').html('<img src='cards_1.png' />');">Cards</a>

The particular effect desired is to onmouseover insert an image into .menu-image li. All I can figure out is that the img src with the quotes (I've tried single and double) is not liked and throws the argument error.

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Why are you adding jQuery inline? – j08691 Feb 3 '12 at 18:12
I will probably end up not using inline now that I've got this working. – Jared Eitnier Feb 3 '12 at 18:27
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Try escaping the incorrect quotes with \ or \\.

I.e. html('<img src=\'cards_1.png\' />');

Alternatively, you can just use &quot;. An URL encoder should have done this for you automatically.

A very popular error btw. is to not encode every & in an URL as &amp;. Browsers usually guess right what was intended though, so people never learn. But the link

<a href="test.php?a=1&b=2">example</a>

is actually incorrect and should be

<a href="test.php?a=1&amp;b=2">example</a>

Now if you had been using an URL encoder instead of just "printing" the string, it should automatically have converted your double quote to &amp; and probably saved you some headaches.

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Thanks a bunch, &quot works great. I have in many years never come across the need to do that :) – Jared Eitnier Feb 3 '12 at 18:27

Looks like you need to escape the innermost single quotes like so:

<a href="cards.html" onmouseover="jQuery('.menu-image li').html('<img src=\'cards_1.png\' />');
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You need to write this:

<a href="cards.html" onmouseover="jQuery('.menu-image li').html('<img src=\'cards_1.png\' />');">Cards</a>

...otherwise your browser can't distinguish if the apostrophes belong to the <img tag or the html( command

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Use encoded quotes for the <img/> tag:

<a href="cards.html" onmouseover="jQuery('.menu-image li').html('<img src=&quot;cards_1.png&quot; />');">Cards</a>
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