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What is the best way to create an alias to a instance atribute in Ruby (I'm not using rails or any ruby gem, just, Ruby).
For example given the class below, how can I create an alias to the :student_name attribute accessors?

class Student
  attr_accessor :student_name
  alias :name :student_name    #wrong

s = Student.new
s.student_name = "Jordan"
puts s.name  # --> Jordan
s.name = "Michael" # --> NoMethodError: undefined method `name=' for #<Student:0x572394> ...

Thank's guys!

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As John points out, you need to alias both the reader and the writer. This being Ruby, it's quite easy to define your own alias method to handle this for you.

class Module
  def attr_alias(new_attr, original)
    alias_method(new_attr, original) if method_defined? original
    new_writer = "#{new_attr}="
    original_writer = "#{original}="
    alias_method(new_writer, original_writer) if method_defined? original_writer
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I'm just being picky here but I would prefer to call it alias_attr to be consistent with alias_method. This way both would be of the form alias_thingtoalias. –  Venkat D. Aug 2 '13 at 21:30


alias :name= :student_name=

this line of code only aliases the getter, not the setter method

alias :name :student_name    #wrong
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