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I'm new to rails and i have a doubt.whatever we send in params[] should be our database column name? or can we send anything? if so then how can we access them in controller?

Thanks in advance.

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If you're creating or updating on an ActiveRecord model then the params will be in a nested hash. For a model called User the params hash might look like:

params = { :something => 'whatever', { :user => { :name => 'Flip Wilson' } } }

In your controller:

def create
  if @user = User.create(params[:user])
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you can pass to params anything.

for examlpe - usual link: project.dev/post?id=2&anything=true. now you have params: id, anything - to get access you can insert in controller this: params[:id] - 2 and/or params[:anything] - true

also, you can pass anything to params with link_to method. For example: link_to "user", users_path(id: @user.id, some: "string param", or: :symbol)

if you want to check current params, you can insert in your current controller action this: raise params.inspect

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