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I am not a SQL expert, so this may be a really obvious thing to those of you who are experts. Anyway, I have created an application that has to generate a csv file based on a SQL Query. In reading the internet tips on how to export a CSV file from SQL they all refer you to using Management Studio, right-click on the query results and use the Save-AS technique. That will not practical for my purposes as the CSV file has to generated at the push of a button within my application. I was hoping (and expected) to be able to do it with a pass through query or stored procedure, but I'm not seeing that SQL 2008 supports this. Any help would be very much appreciated!

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What language is your application written in? –  RThomas Feb 3 '12 at 19:15
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The answer will vary depending on the language that your application is written in but to use C# as an example. A common way is to populate a dataset from the sql query and then burn through the dataset using loops to generate the csv.

Here is an example of that approach from the interweb.


Here is another example using VB


The complexity of the data may require that you get fancy... (for example does your data have double quotes, coma's, binary data???

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