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I followed the following tutorial to change the color of a segmented control: http://goddess-gate.com/dc2/index.php/post/454

However, I am struggling to understand the code and load the view with a selected segment. On other words, I have managed to change the color of my segmented control to black, but it only happens when I select a segment and not when loading the view. When I load the view, it only appears in a color gray. Also, if I want to reset to the original gray color or change the color of the segmented Control in view will appear, how can I eliminate the black color and return to everything in gray and not selected?

Can someone point me out what exactly and why, do I need to add to the viewDidLoad or viewWillAppear method?

Here is also the code:

NSInteger static compareViewsByOrigin(id sp1, id sp2, void *context)
// UISegmentedControl segments use UISegment objects (private API). Then we can safely
//   cast them to UIView objects.
float v1 = ((UIView *)sp1).frame.origin.x;
float v2 = ((UIView *)sp2).frame.origin.x;
if (v1 < v2)
    return NSOrderedAscending;
else if (v1 > v2)
    return NSOrderedDescending;
    return NSOrderedSame;

And the Action Method

-(IBAction)seleccionarSegmented:(id)sender {

int numSegments = [miSegmentedControl.subviews count];

for( int i = 0; i < numSegments; i++ ) {

    [[miSegmentedControl.subviews objectAtIndex:i] setTintColor:nil];
    [[miSegmentedControl.subviews objectAtIndex:i] setTintColor:[UIColor colorWithRed:200/255.0 green:200/255.0 blue:200/255.0 alpha:1]];

NSArray *sortedViews = [miSegmentedControl.subviews sortedArrayUsingFunction:compareViewsByOrigin context:NULL];

[[sortedViews objectAtIndex:miSegmentedControl.selectedSegmentIndex] setTintColor: [UIColor blackColor]];

for (id view in miSegmentedControl.subviews) {
    [view removeFromSuperview];

for (id view in sortedViews) {
    [miSegmentedControl addSubview:view];
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In -viewDidLoad, try calling [self seleccionarSegmented:miSegmentedControl] (hopefully I've got the names right.

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