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So I downloaded Twitterizer from http://www.twitterizer.net/downloads/

I try to open it in Visual Studio and get all these nuget errors:

The imported project "C:\Twitterizer\.nuget\nuget.targets" was not found. 
Confirm that the path in the <Import> declaration is correct, and that the file 
exists on disk.

What is going on. How do I deal with this?

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  1. Install Nuget.
  2. Right click on the solution and select "Enable NuGet Package Restore".
  3. Click Ok on the warning.
  4. Close and re-open the solution.

Should now be hunky-dory.

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Thank you! I've been banging my head over this one for hours. –  Doctor Jones Jun 9 at 9:44

An alternative is to edit the .csproj file with a texteditor and remove or comment out the segment.

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To expand on this case - if you move a project from a solution with an explicit .nuget\nuget.targets file to a fresh one, you will see this problem (even after restoring NuGet packages.) In this case, either create the nuget.targets or edit the project file manually. –  ThisGuy Jul 18 at 1:41
I also applied this solution since my project used non of the NuGet packages and VS seems to have auto-generated this stuff. Thanks heaven for version control that made it possible to kick-out the added lines from .csproj. –  Ivan G Aug 12 at 8:53

When i get the nuget.targets not found error i use the package manager to uninstall-package one of the packages in the project and then reinstall it using install-package. It seems like it regenerates the nugets.target file then.

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Easiest solution when you get this error in order to restore the missing NuGet.targets in Visual Studio Solution Explorer is to:

  1. Right click on the solution file
  2. From the context menu click "Enable Nuget Package Restore..." option

this will download the missing files in the ".nuget" folder :)

The above assumes you already have Nuget installed - if not follow the accepted answer above!

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