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We have an hgrc file that contains settings that should be global to all members of our development team. When I make changes to my hgrc file I do not appear to be able to have these changes propagate to anybody else who clones a repo.

Is there a way to keep these configs global to any user of the repo?

Repo track thyself!

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$REPO/.hg/hgrc is not tracked by Mercurial. This is by design for security reason.

You can commit template and create project policy that require setting several setting to $REPO/.hg/hgrc or add to build scripts helper target to deploy template to $REPO/.hg.

I recommend use precommit hooks on central server to ensue that all changes are good. Look to

Note that some files Mercurial treated as special, for example $REPO/.hgignore or .hgeol for EOL plug-in. These files you can commit, so they are easy sharing in dev team.

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