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I have a post build event like this:

if NOT "$(OutDir)" == "Binaries\" "$(SolutionDir)Tools\NuGet.exe" pack "$(ProjectDir)MyAssembly.nuspec" -BasePath "$(ProjectDir)$(OutDir)."

But what I really want to do is check to see if $(OutDir) Contains the word Binaries.

Is there a way to do this? I tried:

if NOT "$(OutDir)".Contains("Binaries") "$(SolutionDir)Tools\NuGet.exe" pack "$(ProjectDir)MyAssembly.nuspec" -BasePath "$(ProjectDir)$(OutDir)."

But it does not work.

So, as a bonus point, what language is the "Post-Build" event supposed to be?

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Turns out it is MS-Dos. So most batch file kind of stuff is allowed.

Here is the command I ended up using:

@Echo off&Setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
set BinariesVar=Binaries
set "PathDir=$(OutDir)"
IF "!PathDir:%BinariesVar%=!" NEQ "%PathDir%" (if $(ConfigurationName) == Release "$(SolutionDir)Tools\NuGet.exe" pack "$(ProjectDir)MyAssembly.nuspec" -BasePath "$(OutDir).") else (if $(ConfigurationName) == Release "$(SolutionDir)Tools\NuGet.exe" pack "$(ProjectDir)MyAssembly.nuspec" -BasePath "$(ProjectDir)$(OutDir).")

This will use the first path is the build is not via TFS and the second path for TFS Builds.

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Umm... why use the old, unmanageable, unmaintainable cmd style post-build event instead of MSBuild's AfterBuild event or even TFS custom activity? – KMoraz Feb 4 '12 at 16:42

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