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We are testing out a port from seam to play. I need to do something like this in our template.html file which is passed a parameter and needs to pass that parameter to a tag....(excuse me if my terminology is not correct as this is my first day in play)....

{common_nav page:#{get 'page'/} /}

or I tried this too....

{common_nav page:${page} /}

basically I have a pricing.html file that inherits template.html which reuses a common_nav.html file and need to pass param from pricing.html to common_nav.html

thanks, Dean

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if the 'page' named parameter is defined in renderArgs, then you could do

#{common_nava page: page/}
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worked great...I guess it must be magically defined in renderArgs already. –  Dean Hiller Feb 3 '12 at 21:54

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