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I have thousands of stored procedures in my data base. And I can't stand scrolling through the entire list to find the SPROC I'm looking for. Is there a command in sql server mgmt studio to open the file in the editor like 'OPEN dbo.SomeStoredProcedureName'

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Have look at Redgate SQL Search. I think it would be helpful for you. –  Mikael Eriksson Feb 3 '12 at 19:50

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There is no T-SQL command to do this, as SSMS is just a client management tool. Your best bet is to use the Filter tool built in to SSMS:

enter image description here

enter image description here

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I don't believe there is such command but if you just want to see and not update you could use

sp_helptext 'dbo.SomeStoredProcedureName'

This messes up the formatting so you shouldn't use it to update (while you can). I also map a key to it Ctrl-F1 that can be used to just write the name and select an d press Ctrl-F1.

enter image description here

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You've got lots of options, depending on exactly what you're trying to do:

  • You can "open file" and graphically browse to the directory you want, then graphically scroll down to and open the file you want.

  • You can "use" the database you want, and "exec" the stored procedure you want from a command-line query window.

  • You can "exec sp_helptext XXX" the stored procedure to see the text in a command-line query window.

  • You can use "filter" in the GUI to eliminate stuff you don't want to see

  • You can write a VBScript or Powershell script to do the same stuff the SSMS GUI lets you do.

  • Etc etc

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You could export the whole database to a creation script. Then it would be easy to search in your favorite file viewer.

From Management Studio you can right-click on the database, choose Tasks->Generate Scripts, and then select "Stored procedures". If you're just browsing, this is very handy. Also good to store such scripts in your code repository.

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SqlSmash lets you navigate easily to any object (including stored procedures) in SSMS.


Disclaimer: I am the developer for the addin.

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