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I need the community's help on this.

We have TFS 2010 and SharePoint services installed on a server in our internal network and I can access it fine via servername/sites/DefaultCollection/.

We're trying to give access to external teams to the same site. When we try to access publicIP/sites/DefaultCollection/ we get a 404 NOT FOUND error (publicIP points to the IP of the TFS server).

I noticed that in Team Foundation Server Administration Console in the [General] tab is says:

DefaultCollection URL: servername:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection/

While at the [SharePoint Site] tab under Default Site Location shows: servername/sites/DefaultCollection/.

When I try locally servername/tfs/DefaultCollection/ I get the same error (404 NOT FOUND).

So it seems like when we try to visit publicIP/sites/DefaultCollection/ it actually goes to publicIP/tfs/DefaultCollection/ without the address changing on the browser.

How can I make this work? Any help will deeply appreciated.

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Thanks for the formatting Edward.. I always wonder with they don't use a WYSIWUG editor. –  user1113593 Feb 6 '12 at 14:23
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Have you set up alternate access mappings in Sharepoint?

  1. Go to Administrative Tools -> Sharepoint Central Administration.
  2. Click on the "Operations" tab
  3. In the "Global Configuration" section, select "Alternate access mappings"
  4. Select "Edit Public URLs"

There you can add a new URL for the "Internet" site so that external users can access Sharepoint. Note that this URL may need to be a fully qualified domain name, not an IP address. (However I've never tested with an IP address.)

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Actually is working with the IP too.. Thanks Edward.. –  user1113593 Feb 6 '12 at 16:09
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