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I'm trying to populate an NSTableView with an Image column and some text columns.

At the moment I have populated a purely text columns NSTableView, using the method found in the NSTableView sample in the monomac samples, but I think it might be a big clunky and I'm not sure if I can use this to populate different column types cause it uses a List of NSStrings.

It's something like this:

NSTableColumn showIdColumn = myTableView.FindTableColumn(SHOWID);
NSTableColumn titleColumn = myTableView.FindTableColumn(TITLE);
titleColumn.Bind("value", myContentArray, "arrangedObjects.title", null);
NSTableColumn dateColumn = myTableView.FindTableColumn(SHOWDATE);
dateColumn.Bind("value", myContentArray, "arrangedObjects.showDate", null);

NSTableColumn comicsColumn = myTableView.FindTableColumn(SHOWCOMICS);
comicsColumn.Bind("value",myContentArray, "arrangedObjects.showComics", null);

foreach (DataRow row in dtShowList.Rows)
    DateTime d = (DateTime)row["showDate"];
    string strDate = d.ToString("ddd, MMM d @ htt");
    List<NSString> objects = new List<NSString> 
            new NSString(row["showId"].ToString ()),
            new NSString(strDate),
            new NSString(row["showComics"].ToString())
            //new NSString(row[2].ToString()),
            //new NSString(row[3].ToString ())

var dict = NSMutableDictionary.FromObjectsAndKeys(objects.ToArray(), Keys.ToArray());

Any ideas?

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