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I have a little .exe written in c# .net that I want to run on the server every 24 hours. So naturally I would just use the Windows Task Schedular rather then doing the math myself. I have created the program, but I would like to create an installer that just set everything up. Is there a way to do this with like the Visual Studio set-up projects? If not is there like a powershell / batch script that could be used to run after installation?

Bottom Line: Automate the creation of the task.

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You just want a way to automate the creation of a scheduled task? –  Oded Feb 3 '12 at 21:39

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You can use a powershell script or batch file to execute schtasks which is a command line interface to the task scheduler.

Then you simply need to run the script in order to setup the scheduled task.

There is also a managed wrapper that allows you to create schedules tasks in C#, if you would rather go that way.

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I don't believe the out of the box installer can do this for you, but there is a wrapper for the Task Scheduler and a good example of how to use it here:

Creating Scheduled Tasks

You could either compile that into a new EXE that is run after the installer finishes.

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