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I have a function A() in which I execute eight other 'sub-functions' which all include a QProcess. How do I get the return codes from all the QProcesses?


void Mainclass::A()
    // ...

void Mainclass::B() 
    QString CommandPath = "PathB";
    QProcess *Process = new QProcess(this);

    Process->setStandardOutputFile(MainDir + "/geometries");
    QProcess::ExitStatus Status = Process->exitStatus(); 

    if (Status == 0)
       std::cout << "App executed!" << std::endl;

I found this example but don't understand how to implement it myself because I use pointer objects in my application.

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I think there should be an exitcode member variable in the QProcess class.... do you see anything like Process->exitCode? – David Feb 3 '12 at 22:03

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Maybe int QProcess::exitCode () const? See.

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