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That's a simple question: is there an API to draw a B-tree in Java? I just dont want to spend much time reinventing the wheel. I am not having trouble with the algorithm per si, mine works perfectly fine after a lot of reading (specially Lafore's Data Structures & Algorithms in Java), I just dont know how to print a B-tree in a good way.

Thanks in advance.

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You can easily generate Graphviz code directly which you can then feed into Graphviz. No need for the API. See ysangkok.github.io/js-clrs-btree/btree.html (push init simple) – Janus Troelsen Jan 16 '14 at 13:04
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You've got a couple of options to "render" a graph to screen -

  • Graphviz has a Java API (Edit: an addon called LJV which gives the API).

  • I think you ought to be able to use the free version of JGraph to do the same.

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I know people have had success with daVinci (now uDraw). I haven't used it since 2003, but from what I remember, you have to generate a bracketed text file for your tree and the program parses it. You should be able to output your text by doing a simple tree traversal.

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Have a look at yEd. I'm pretty sure, licensing yFiles just for an API to display tree structures is a bit exaggerated, but the graph editor is free of license costs and you can use it to render your trees. I usually dump my raw graph data in one of the supported file formats, open the output file with yEd and let it do the layout.

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