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I have been struggling with this because I am new to backbone.js and am having difficulty creating this functionality. I have seen the examples such as todo.js on the backbone.js site which is similar, however I dont have the chance to test back posting with that. I was wondering if someone could give me a good idea of how to do this. I am using django with mongodb storage. All together I am struggling with:

1) Creating a rest api for backbone to use for storing in the db 2) Displaying the divs that I cloned to show up when I back post to the page.

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For creating a rest api, I recommend checking out these two packages:



As far as updating the view after a post, I don't know if I get exactly what the problem is, but here is the third part of a good tutorial. The third part includes the full code. The WineListView illustrates how a list is updated when the model collection changes.

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