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I am using rdlc reprot in VB (Visual Studio) with MS Sql Express. I want the output as given below :

SrNo.      Amount
1          100
2          100
3          100
4          100
Group Total = 400
5          200
6          200
Page1 Total = 800
***************************PAGE1 END HERE****************
7.         200
8.         200
9          200
Group2 Total=1000
Page2 Total = 600
****************************PAGE 2 END HERE*****************

Page1 Total = 800
Page 2 Total =600

Grand Total = 1400
******************************LAST PAGE END HERE**************

I am able to get all output except Page1 Total and Page2 Total on last page.

For Group Total I have used Sum function of rdlc with Table1_Group2 Scope.

For Grand Total I have used Sum function of rdlc with dataset scope.

For Page Wise total on each page I have used Reprot footer text box with code =Sum(ReportItems!amt.Value).

How to get each page wise total on last page again?

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you can use vb code in Code tab. add Shared List property and method accept 2 parameter 1- page total 2- page number (use this method "Globals!PageNumber.ToString()") add textbox in footer and in expression call this method in the last page ("Globals!PageNumber.ToString() = Globals!TotalPages.ToString()") use Shared property

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