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I have a neural network n pybrain,with two inputs,a hidden layer and a output layer.I use the following to train:

trainer = BackpropTrainer(net,ds)

net is the neural network and ds is the train data.

My question is if and how I can calculate the time needed to complete the training or how can I monitor the progress of the training.Thanks.

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You could always subclass BackpropTrainer (source code here) and override trainUntilConvergence if using maxEpochs , track the percentage of completeness using the ratio between epochs and epochs.

If not using maxEpochs you could always make an educated guess of the number of epochs remaining based on the average rate of change in the validationerrors and the size of continueEpochs. Or merely just examine the rate of change in validationerrors. If you wanted to map epochs to time you would have to profile the time of each epoch and store them.

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Ideally you would want to use trainEpochs() instead of modifying trainUntilConvergence(). Train for X number of epochs, check result, Train x number of epochs. Repeat until convergence or max epochs. –  NothingMore Feb 19 '12 at 5:08

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