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I am a new, but huge fan, of the BDD approach to software development and "specification". I have been making use of xUnit.NET, Moq, and an extension to xUnit.NET that allows me to perform BDD-style testing (I'm using testing loosely, as its not really so much testing as it is specifying expected behavior). Currently, I run all my tests with ReSharper, and its nice seeing my specifications spelled out in detail and green across the board.

However, now that I'm using the BDD approach on a regular basis, I want a better reporting solution that can render all of the specifications for a system in a nice format that can be referenced as a form of documentation for new devs, during future refactorings, etc.

Does anyone know of any existing tools, preferably free, that can integrate with xUnit.NET to provide a nicely formatted report?

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You could use Björn Rochel's xUnit BDD Extensions. They include a report generator.


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Looks like MSpec, which has a decent report, supports xUnit since July.

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