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I searched all over the net but couldn't find a working solution how to create pulldown menu entries for a menu item in a toolbar in eclipse programmatically. To create them using plugin.xml is smooth, but is there some way to do it from code? Why to do that? I want to create a little plugin which offers the user the possibility to create a random number of entries which should be accessable thru a single menu item (button) with a pulldown menu in the main toolbar.

I'm quite new to eclipse plugin devel. As I already said doing in plugin.xml is no problem :

   <extension point="org.eclipse.ui.menus">
      <menuContribution     locationURI="toolbar:org.eclipse.ui.main.toolbar?after=additions">
         <toolbar id="pulldown.items.toolbars.sampleToolbar">
                  tooltip="Say hello world"
      <menuContribution locationURI="menu:pulldown.items.toolbars.sampleCommand">
                label="Message 1" style="push">
                    <parameter name="pulldown.items.msg" value="Some message"/>
            <separator name="nothing" visible="false"/>
                label="Message 2" style="push">
                <parameter name="pulldown.items.msg" value="Some other message"/>

I tried to find the informations about this commands in the following objects but couldn't find any. Don't bother me using getWorkbenchWindows()[0] this code is executed on plugin startup and there is no active window available.

Activator act = Activator.getDefault();
IWorkbench workbench = act.getWorkbench();
WorkbenchWindow window = (WorkbenchWindow)workbench.getWorkbenchWindows()[0];
CoolBarManager cbm = window.getCoolBarManager();
ToolBarContributionItem item =         
IToolBarManager tbm = item.getToolBarManager();
CommandContributionItem citem = 
ParameterizedCommand cmd = citem.getCommand();

All objects are valid but they contain neither one of the above defined parameterized commands. All parameters in the commands I could find are only containing the definition but no value is specified.

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Sorry for the weired code it was just to debug and browse thru all this objects to find what I described above. –  jdc Feb 4 '12 at 1:25

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Have a look at the class attribute of the menuContribution element. Via a this you can write a Java class (extending org.eclipse.ui.menus.ExtensionContributionFactory) that will contribute the wanted menu entries dynamically. In this case all sub-elements of the menuContribution will be ignored.

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As an alternative to providing an entire ExtensionsContributionFactory (which would work fine), you could add the dynamic element in your existing XML and then supply a CompoundContributionItem to create the dynamic part of your toolitem dropdown.

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