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Do I really have to keep pressing down and up and only going 1 line at a time in NERDTree? Is there a way to page down or search for files? My tree structure is pretty big and it's a bit of a pain to traverse that way.

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The standard movement controls apply. So you could use CTRL + f to move down a page at a time (and the reverse CTRL + b to move a page up at a time).

To search for a directory or file you can use the standard / + [search-pattern].

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Thanks! I should have guessed that. – Jody G Feb 4 '12 at 2:20

It is a normal split window so you can use standard vim shortcuts:

Ctrl-D  "move half-page down
Ctrl-U  "move half-page up
Ctrl-B  "page up
Ctrl-F  "page down
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