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I have a problem regarding flash, actionscript3 and movieclips.

I have 2 videos(inserted as movieclips, each one in different frames 100 and 102). I want to gotoAndPlay the one on frame 102, but the other in frame 100 always starts at the same time. How do I play just the specific movieclip of frame 102?

P.S. If I order to reproduce the movieclip on 100, it starts as it should. Thanks in advance.

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You probably just have videos on stage. You should make a MovieClip containing each of these videos and add


to their first frames. Add instance names to the MovieClips and you'll be able to control them separately

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thanks man. They were on movieClips, nevertheless I wasn't using the function call directly from the movieClip –  Ron Feb 14 '12 at 15:56

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