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I am receiving java bad version number in .class file when I try to open a simple applet in my browser (I have tried Firefox and Safari). My browsers stat that I am using a 1.5.X JRE, but my command line compiler is 1.6.x. I can't quite figure how to sync the two of these VM's, as I am not the most adept Mac user. I have tried the native software update feature, but there is no Java update available there. I've also tried updating in each browser, but I just get redirected to the Mac OS X Software Update feature.

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Well trying to update the VM on your command line isn't going to be much use - 1.6 is the latest supported update from Apple. What browser versions are you using? You probably need to update to current versions of Safari and Firefox. – Perception Feb 4 '12 at 2:30

while compiling files, you have to use -target option.

Example, javac -target 1.5 [source file]

More explanation is available at

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For an Oracle JDK, you'd simply use the cross-compilation options of javac.

Note that is important to specify -source, -target & -bootclasspath for the compilation. That last one requires a JRE of the target version, to check the classes, methods & attributes used in the code actually existed in the target version.

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