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I've had little success in locating a good rails 3.1 compatible M3U parser to parse a playlist that a user might upload. Im wondering if anyone knows of a decent parser for m3u files. Otherwise if anyone knows a service that has and API with up to date artist and song information that would help alot. Thanks.

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Or I could just have users export playlists to XML (xspf) and parse it with nokogiri like so.

Playlists controller

  def create
    @playlist = current_show.playlists.create(params[:playlist])


playlist.rb Model

  def process
    doc =  Nokogiri::XML(open("#{self.m3u.path}"))
     tracks = doc.search('track')
     tracks.each do |track|
       a = Artist.find_by_name(track.search('creator').text.downcase) 
       if a 
    self.songs.create(:artist_id => a.id, :title => track.search('title').text)
    a = self.artists.create(:name => track.search('creator').text)
    self.songs.create(:artist_id => a.id, :title => track.search('title').text)

Of course this is a little dirty but functions. Hopefully the xspf exported playlist tags are named the same for most mp3 software.

If anyone knows a good library of songs/artists please let me know.

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