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when i used im2frame for converting image sequence to video, I am getting this message :

??? Error using ==> im2frame Indexed movie frame must have a non-empty colormap

Error in ==> program at 141 frm = im2frame(im,map);

if someone can explain what I should do, I will be grateful. Thanks

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The video will be encoded in full color, so if your frames are only 2-dimensional (i.e, you have a grayscale image instead of red/green/blue), then you need to specify a colormap for converting the image. You should be able to use the command

im2frame(frame, gray)

where gray is the colormap, just as with surf, imshow, and other plotting commands. Other colormap choices are hot, cool, pink, bone, copper, and flag.

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Error using im2frame Indexed movie data values must be legal colormap indices: ""1.0 <= value <= length(colormap) for double-precision movie data, and ""0 <= value <= length(colormap)-1 for uint8 movie data Can you tell what this means ?? Thanks – Maham Nov 28 '14 at 13:17

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